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Entradas e Petiscos

Fried Chicken

R$ 32,00


Dried beef or cod

R$ 43,00

Filet mignon tips

Mustard sauce, catupiry cheese and madeira sauce

R$ 49,00

Brazilian pastels

Cheese, beef jerky and catupiry, calabrese sausage) (thin pastry envelopes with filling)

R$ 26,00

Tuscan sausage

R$ 42,00

Portobellos Tapas

(with balsamic vinegar dressing, buffalo mozzarella and basil)

R$ 28,00

Grilled eggplant

(with canastra saw cheese and fungui cream)

R$ 22,00

Mix of Bruschettas

Jamon - cured ham, zucchini, tomato and buffalo mozzarella

R$ 39,00

Steak tartar with Tabasco mayonnaise

R$ 32,00

Salmon Tartar

Vinegar reduction

R$ 42,00